I ordered tickets using my name, can I transfer them to a friend?

The tickets are not name-related and so they're transferable. After completing the purchase, a barcoded e-ticket will be sent to your e-mail account. You can transfer that ticket to a friend and he may use it. Please notice that some tickets/bracelets require presenting the credit card used for the purchase.


I ordered tickets but I can't come. May I cancel them?

Cancelling your ticket is possible 7 days before the event takes place. In case there's only a few days left, it will not be possible to cancel the tickets but you may transfer them to another person. Please notice that every ticket may only be used once and will become invalid once used.


Until when can I purchase tickets online?

The ticket sale duration and amount of tickets available are set by the party producer and depend on various factors depending on the event itself.


The online sale is over. Is there any other way to purchase a ticket?

In case that the presale is over, it will not be possible to order tickets online. Most events offer additional tickets at the door – If that will not be possible, you will be notified on the event's page.


It's my birthday, may I receive a discount?

Happy birthday! Atraf provides the pre-sale service only. For any inquiry regarding discounts, prices at the door and more, please contact the party producer via the party's Facebook page.

I don't have a printer, what should I do?

The ticket sent to your inbox is an e-ticket and you don't have to print it. You may present you ticket via your phone at the door. If for any reason you will be required to present a printed ticket, you will be notified in advance on the party's page or via e-mail.


When does Ofra start playing?

Unfortunately, we can't commit to an accurate line-up timing, but we recommend arriving early in order to avoid busy queues.


I received an error notification during the purchase, what should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible and add a screen cap of the error, so we can carefully check what caused it. You may contact us via our Facebook page or at tickets@atraf.co.il.


I received a "transaction failed" notice. What should I do?

Your credit card details were not authorized by your bank. Please try purchasing again and carefully check you enter the correct details. If the process fails again, consider using a different card or contact you credit card provider.


I have a few question regarding the dress code / entry age / music / performances

Questions regarding the entry policy or the artistic plan for the event may only be directed at the party producers via their Facebook page.



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